Broken CD-ROM or broken Mac?

Broken CD-ROM or broken Mac?

Post by crucifysel » Tue, 28 Oct 2003 05:37:23

The seller of the CD-ROM drive that I claimed was broken, because it did
not work, although the drive sled was good, has claimed that the CD-ROM
drive works. He did not have a 6360 to test.

I have a Performa 6360 and the Apple 24X drive slid right into my Mac,
the drive sled was good. I did not touch any of the jumpers or anything.

I am wondering if any of you think its at all possible that something
inside my Macintosh may be broken and the reason why I could not get the
internal CD-ROM drive to work on my Mac? Or maybe perhaps the jumpers
on the back of the drive were set for his Mac, but not mine?

Oh boy...

I've never really used the Internal CD-ROM bay since I bought this Mac.
I've always used an external SCSI drive. Maybe when I bought it the
internal bay was damaged. The drive that shipped with this Mac was
broken, however the drive was detectable in the SCSI chain, and it did
power on.
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