PowerPlant Wrapper to HTML

PowerPlant Wrapper to HTML

Post by amit.wakad » Wed, 05 Nov 2003 13:46:25


Recently I have visited
for a SampleBrowser developed by Sam Vaughan

I downloaded it and tried to compile it on CodeWarrior 8.3
it did not compile even if I added Universal Headers 3.3
as per the requisite read in the ReadMe.txt of this SampleBrower.mcp
gave me error of redeclaration of the typedefs regarding the datatypes
as __int32 etc. in typedef_md.h which version of the CodeWarrior to be
used to open and compile this project successfully?

Has anybody used this wrapper ?
Please let me know if somebody has used it already for HTML rendering
or anybody knows any other wrapper developed for this purpose

would realy appreciate any suggestion on this.
Thanks in advance,