PowerPlant X Resource Editor

PowerPlant X Resource Editor

Post by Steve O'Co » Wed, 28 Jul 2004 00:48:42

It appears to me that one of PowerPlant X's weaknesses is the lack of a
resource editor. Constructor is designed for the old version of PowerPlant,
and Interface Builder is designed for non-PowerPlant X projects. I know
that Metrowerks provided some converters from Constructor and Interface
Builder, but a lot of stuff gets lost in the translation. Also, none of the
new features can be taken advantage of.

Yes, I can skip all of the conversion stuff and hardcode the user interface
directly by creating the UI classes myself, but isn't it supposed to be a
beautiful WYSIWYG world? Why can't I design *real* PowerPlant X user
interfaces graphically? Am I missing something?


Steve O'Connell

PowerPlant X Resource Editor

Post by David Rall » Wed, 28 Jul 2004 01:40:11

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I have to second that. All the suggestions for the IDE are great for
people working on projects without interfaces, but the integration
between Constructor and Powerplant is/was an important selling point
for those working on applications with GUIs.

Trolling the archives, it's clear that MW intended for there to be a
RAD tool of some sort that would work with PPx, but it never saw the
light of day. Either Constructor needs to be updated to work with
the new HI classes, or better integration with IB needs to be added
for PPx to become usable for me.



PowerPlant X Resource Editor

Post by Stephen Ch » Wed, 28 Jul 2004 03:24:18

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I still think updating the original PowerPlant is the right way to go.
MW spent such a long time only to come up with some extremely thin
wrapper classes collection comparing the rich and broad PP framework.
Lacking a decent approach to resource editing doesn't make the matter
any better.

I really can't see the difference between PPx and using HIViews
directly. With PP, you get standard application and documents almost
free and customizing them are so easy. PPx doesn't do anything more than
wrapping HIView controls with C++ wrappers. I still have to come up with
my own application/document classes to achieve most basic functions.

But I might be totally wrong because I never actually put much time into
PPx for the lack of Constructor-like editor. Oh well.