PP w/CarbonEvents --> PPx migration

PP w/CarbonEvents --> PPx migration

Post by Rick Man » Thu, 13 Nov 2003 14:35:42

I had begun using the old PP with carbon event support, and as such, my app
didn't have a WNE loop. I'm now trying to migrate slowly to PPx, and I'm
wondering how that affects the plan outlined in the PDF migration document.


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2. PPx Popularity (was Anyone interested in new PPx site or NG?)

In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >, Sean McBride

I know, I was just trying to get the message out that all of us need to
increase our activity, or PPX will wither. I'm afraid that if there
isn't much PPx talk - even if there are lots of people that are
working with it - that it will be negatively affected.

The benefits of Cocoa - never mind the hype - are pretty well-known,
and there are lots of sites and books and stuff. I'd like to see lots
of activity in the PPx world - mailing lists, books, MacTech articles,

Naturally we can't all be busy working on PPx all day, but the amount
of activity - especially as compared to CW 9 activity in general - is a

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