[ANN] Easily convert your PowerPlant and carbon resources to Carbon-nibs!

[ANN] Easily convert your PowerPlant and carbon resources to Carbon-nibs!

Post by ukw » Sun, 21 Nov 2004 03:25:34

Announcing the release of Migrator version 1.0


Migrator allows you to convert your MacOS classic/carbon layout
and string resources to modern Carbon-nib files. Save days of
tedious re-work - just drop your file in, click a button, and
take your new .nib file!

- Faithful conversion of MacOS Carbon resources to Carbon-nib
- Converts popup menus, control items, tab controls to matching
Carbon-nib versions
- submenus fully supported
- ALL dialog lists converted, not just those with an enclosing
'DLOG' resource
- Automatic setting of Carbon control-IDs and signatures
- Text Encoding-aware

Full PowerPlant Support:
- Converts PowerPlant controls to their equivalent Carbon
- Understands Text Traits to produce correctly-sized controls
- Custom Class support
- Sub-menus, menu-commands and popup menu controls all supported.
- Preserves PowerPlant Commands; optionally maps standard PP
commands to standard Carbon commands

Bring your strings, too!
- Convert classic MacOS string resources to Unicode .strings

For more information visit byteform at :


my email is a bit rusty, but you can scrape the rusty bit out...

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2. How to make my low-class carbon app into a higher-class carbon app?

Hi...I would appreciate some suggestions...here's my problem...

I have an app which used to be a pure OS9 app, created in CW8.
Recently, I've learned the rudiments of carbon, and carbonized the app.
So, now my app runs (relatively) nicely in OSX without needing
Classic/OS9. I say "relatively" nicely, because, though perfectly
functional, it's missing fancy icons (for one) and still looks like an
old-style app.

My carbonized app is really just a single application (like in OS9
days)...all resources are built-in to the app's own file...no package,
no external graphics files, no external icons, no property lists, just
the plain old (but carbonized) app of yesteryear. It works fine, as a
real OSX app, but I call it my "low class app".

I'd like to bring the class, so to speak, of the app up a notch, but
not yet ready to port the whole thing to Apple's new XCode or even the
old Interface Bulider and Project Builder and basically start from
scratch again. Can I add some newer touches (fancier icons, for
instance) to my old-style-but-carbonized app without having to
completely re-do my app so as to use nibs, and project builder and all
that jazz? How would I do that?

I know XCode and/or Project/Interface Builder are in my future for this
app, but I'm looking for a quicker interim step to embellish my
existing app.

Any suggestions appreciated.



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