[ANN] CPLAT_Mac II 2.0 Released

[ANN] CPLAT_Mac II 2.0 Released

Post by Ken Stahlm » Fri, 23 Sep 2005 14:59:37

ksoft (www.ksoft.net) is pleased to announce the release of CPLAT_Mac II
2.0, a full featured, low-cost C++ framework.

CPLAT_Mac II is a modern C++ framework for doing MacOS development. This
is a MacOS only version of the CPLAT cross-platform framework.

CPLAT_Mac II uses the native UI elements available on the Mac, including
HIViews instead of trying to emulate the appearance as other frameworks

The following platform features are incorporated in CPLAT_Mac II.
- HIViews
- Quartz
- Carbon Events
- Sheets
- Composited Windows
- Metal Windows
- Drawers
- Navigation Services
- Nibs
- Bundles
- QuickTime
- OpenGL
- Mach or CFM
- Create UI from Interface Builder files

CPLAT_Mac can be built using the following supported compilers / build

- Codewarrior Pro 8.x
- Codewarrior Pro 9.x
- Apples XCode 1.5, 2.0, 2.x (Universal Binaries)

CPLAT_Mac II is available for $25 and includes complete source code,
projects and documentation for all demos, tools and framework. Updates
are posted several times a year. CPLAT_Mac II can be used in commercial,
shareware or freeware applications without any further licensing costs.

If you later decide to move your application to Windows, you can upgrade
to the cross-platform version of CPLAT for $25 and use the same code

Full details and trial projects can be found at:

Thank you,

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2. ANN: ScaryBear Software releases PocketMileage II Version 2.0

ScaryBear Software has just released PocketMileage II Version 2.0 for the
Pocket PC devices. This new version is entirely re-written, and has many new
features and capabilities, some of which are listed below:

- Simple and functional user interface
- Easy data entry
- Fully customizable display
- Utilizes "Virtual" display control for fast display speed
- User-defined categories
- Can handle multiple vehicles
- Definable cost-per-mileage values for each category
- Mileage and cost units based on system regional settings
- HTML and CSV exported files
- Mileage summary view
- Row sorting by selected column header
- ClearType support
- Adjustable font size for main display
- Can import specially formatted CSV files
- Can attach notes to each mileage entry
- Can purge a range of mileage entries from the main database

Please visit www.scarybearsoftware.com for more details or to download a
trial version.

Also, those of you who currently own PocketMileage version 1.3 or older can
download this new version as a free upgrade.


ScaryBear Software

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