Custom Views in PPX and InterfaceBuilder

Custom Views in PPX and InterfaceBuilder

Post by Rick Man » Thu, 13 Nov 2003 10:08:30

I've run into some trouble with PPx and Interface Builder during the MPTP,
and the docs with my freshly-installed and updated purchased copy of Pro 9
doen't seem to shed any light.

How can I specify that a user pane (or custom view, or whatever it's called)
in IB maps to a specific PPx class I've created? I'm working on a GIS program
that draws charts of geographic data. I want to develop a custom class that
draws this content in a window, but it's not clear to me how to lay out that
window and then convert the .nib file such that it includes my custom view.

And, more generally: why do we need to generate source code for each window
created in IB? Constructor never required this, and I don't really have a
need for a custom window class (the views or the Document classes will handle
everything). Since the XML file should be able to dictate the entire
structure of the window and it's views, why do we need separate code?