"Unspecified Error" in VS .NET 2003 Designer

"Unspecified Error" in VS .NET 2003 Designer

Post by Roger Meye » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 23:07:26

I've got the same problem, but I don't find any *.projdata file.
How can I "fix" this error?

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Hi all, I installed Visual Studio 2003 on my machine which
is also running VS 2002 (and has been running quite well).
The installation required that I update VSS from 6.0c to
6.0d which I dutifully followed. Unfortunately after all
the installations and reboots, whenever I try to open a
project that is in sourcesafe, try to open VSS from within
the IDE, Try to change the sourcecontrol, I just get
an "Unspecified Error" message. I tried searching online
but haven't found anything to help me out. I tried
creating new projects, which was carried out as ordered,
but the error persists when I try to add it to VSS. I also
tried checking out files from VSS but the IDE doesn't seem
to pick it up. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in

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