Location of non-executable files on web services projects

Location of non-executable files on web services projects

Post by islandlogi » Sat, 27 Sep 2003 05:48:10

I don't need to manually deploy this project. This project is
automagically deployed to our web server. When I create the web
service, it put it straight into the web server (I guess it is using
front page extensions). That server is NOT my machine. The 'bin'
folder for the project does not reside on my box.

I would create the "deployment project" if I had to deploy it
somewhere else, but I don't have to.

I have read the documentation about deploying (which is not very
friendly either. You seem to be able to add 'content files' but it is
not very clear how it would handle them if they are in any type of
folder tree, which should be kept in order for your application to
work properly).

Can't I specify that the 'build' command should make sure that folder
X is inside the 'bin' folder? This seems ridiculously hard for such a
simple thing.

I will very much appreciate any input on this matter.