Error.Error..Error...web server is not running 1.1

Error.Error..Error...web server is not running 1.1

Post by VmVua2F » Sun, 17 Oct 2004 20:29:02

I just installed Visual Studio.Net 2003 and that is

supposed to add that 1.1 extension. I got an error

message while opening ASP.NET project.Error is :

"visual has detected that the specified web

server is not running version 1.1. You will be

unable to run web applications or services."

I found a solution for this in 'Missing 1.1 in web

extensions' questioned by David as
1) Open Add/Remove program and uninstall dot net version


2) If dot net version 1.0 is not in the list of installed

programs, find the
following folder and delete it if found

3) run the executable with the following option from command


xe -i

Once completed, the problem will no longer occur.
I did this.But even i am still getting the same problem.

Ken cox [Microsoft MVP] told another solution


I downloaded and executed it too but the problem still


Another Microsoft MVP guy said just
run aspnet_regiis -i
i did this too.But the problem is still exixting.

Pls Help me.Can any one tell me how to overcome this

problem.One thing I am using 'Win 2000 Prof'


Error.Error..Error...web server is not running 1.1

Post by Nick Mali » Mon, 18 Oct 2004 02:56:04

well, first of all, you didn't have to delete the 1.0 framework. That was
not necessary.

You've made a couple of statements that lead me to believe that you may have
made one of the following, common, mistakes. Please bear with me. I am not
trying to be patronizing... I am sincerely trying to help.

1) when you are running aspnet_regiis, are you in a command window, or are
you attempting to run it from the windows explorer?
Make sure you are in a command window, in the
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322 directory
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322 > aspnet_regiis -i
If you don't give the -i parameter, you will see a listing of the different
parameters. If you see this listing, you have not performed the command.

You should see the following two lines:
Start installing ASP.NET (1.1.4322.0).
Finished installing ASP.NET (1.1.4322.0).

2) Once you have done this step, you must restart IIS.
This can usually be done by running the IISRESET command at the command


Attempting stop...
Internet services successfully stopped
Attempting start...
Internet services successfully restarted

If you do not get these messages as a result of running iisreset, you have
another issue.

Do you have any other software installed that may affect the iis server in
general? I know you don't have Sharepoint, but do you have any ISAPI
filters or security software that me be getting in the way of the
installation or the detection of the installation by Visual Studio?

--- Nick