Any Solutions for Poor Wireless Reception on Aluminum PowerBooks?

Any Solutions for Poor Wireless Reception on Aluminum PowerBooks?

Post by clvrmnk » Fri, 15 Oct 2004 00:03:25

Get an external WiFi card.

Seriously, this is your best solution. My understanding is that the
newer AP Extreme equipped laptops have run the antennas outside of the
metal chassis.

That being said, I understood that Al-books are all 802.11g equipped
with this new antenna configuration, so it should get better reception
than the Ti-books.

So the signal strength issue might be caused by something else. I
recall a particular set of updates causing problems for some AP equipped
Macs. Also, perhaps the signal strength indicator or lying to you.
What kind of throughput do you get with a trivial test like "ping"?

Any Solutions for Poor Wireless Reception on Aluminum PowerBooks?

Post by Nelso » Fri, 15 Oct 2004 22:02:03

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 11:03:25 -0400, clvrmnky wrote
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I'll have to do some testing. Because I am seeing poor internet
connectivity and a dropping Timbuktu connection, I tend to believe the
signal strength indicator, however.

If you have any reference to the update problems you mentioned, I'd
appreciate it. The system is still under warranty, so I guess I could
call Apple, but my impression is that this is a known problem.



Any Solutions for Poor Wireless Reception on Aluminum PowerBooks?

Post by Thomas Ree » Sat, 16 Oct 2004 00:07:33

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One of the OS X updates in the past 6 months (I forget which one)
caused signal problems. After applying it, I saw maybe half the signal
strength I had before. A future update fixed the problem, though, so
if you've kept up-to-date on updates, you shouldn't have this problem

I know it was mentioned in TidBITS, so if you want more info, you could
search their web site.


< ;

Any Solutions for Poor Wireless Reception on Aluminum PowerBooks?

Post by laurent.da » Sun, 17 Oct 2004 19:01:54

In message <141020041104030664% XXXX@XXXXX.COM >, Thomas Reed

I have the exact same experience so far with my PowerBook 17". When I'm in
the same room than the base station, I get full signal. I've never got less
than 2 bars in the areas of the house that are the fartest from the base

So, I don't think that the problem is due with the poor reception of the
aluminum PowerBooks. I've had my 17" for about a month now and before that,
I was using a Pismo also with AirPort. So far, I would say that the reception
on the 17" is as strong as on the Pismo.

Has the original poster thought about the possibility that his AirPort card
is maybe not fully connected?

I mention this because about 2 weeks ago, I got my son an iBook from our
local Apple store. I bought an AirPort card for it and, of course, I got the
card installed at the store. When we got home, we quickly realized that the
signal he was getting was very weak. We had to keep the iBook in the same
room than the base station to get a working connection. I thought about the
card not being firmly seated so I removed the keyboard to have a look. The
card was looking good. So, we made a trip back at the Apple store to have
it checked. Guess what was the problem? The card was not completely seated
in the connector! We came back home and it's been fine so far.

So, even though the card may look OK, it might not be firmly connected. I
would have thought that an AirPort card wouldn't have worked at all if it
wasn't properly connected. I was wrong. the card was working but the signal
was very weak. Weird...

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