Using iBook for Java/JBoss/Eclipse/MySql website development

Using iBook for Java/JBoss/Eclipse/MySql website development

Post by scottta » Sun, 09 Jan 2005 00:49:41

I am looking to add an iBook or PowerBook laptop to my configuration.
Being a software engineer, I have some specific requirements and want
to make sure this is going to work for me. However I have been
intruiged for years by Apple and I want to give it go!

Here's the minimum environment I work in:

Java/EJB/Struts/XDoclet with JBoss in Eclipse

All of this will need to be running locally on my laptop.

What I need to know is the following (forgive me if the questions are
nieve but I have rarely use an Apple machine!):

- are the iBooks powerful enough for this type of development? I know
this is a subject question but I figure someone has this configuration
out there.

- My employer using a Windows network... can I get on the network with
an Apple?

- Because the OS us unix-based, I assume that Telnet, SSH etc. are

- Is the cost of a PowerBook warrented over the iBook? Any
recommendation on configurations such as memory and processor speed?
Any suggestions or input would be welcomed!



Using iBook for Java/JBoss/Eclipse/MySql website development

Post by Robert van » Sun, 09 Jan 2005 01:02:09

I don't know what JBoss is, but Eclipse runs fine on OSX. (see ).
MySQL and CVS are also no problem at all.

No problem.

Uhm. Judgement call ;) I'm using my 1Ghz G4 powerbook for some
development stuff, and it's working fine. I don't use an IDE though; I'm
running an SQL server, apache2, CVS and perl; editing with vim.

I never had problems with that. I'm not sure what you want, but sharing
and stuff works fine with me, when i'm unfortunate enough to be on a
windows network.


Get lots of memory ;) I went for the powerbook for the extra power, and
some stuff that was standard on the powerbook, and an addon on the
iBook. I also wanted dualhead configuration without hacking things, and
the (at the time) extra speed. Do some googling, and you'll find ample
comparisons ;) (if you had done that before posting, you'd also have the
answers to the questions you asked ;) )

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Using iBook for Java/JBoss/Eclipse/MySql website development

Post by D P Schreb » Sun, 09 Jan 2005 03:49:38

MySQL is available for osx but you'll have to download it manually.
You'll get basic Java development tools and cvs if you install Apple's
developer package. The other Java tools _should_ work but I don't use
them myself.

So you don't need to run a Java application on the laptop with a Swing
gui displayed elsewhere? That's good, because you can't do it in osx...

They're acceptable.

Fortunately I've never had to find an answer to this question.


For developing, building and running Java, probably not. The advantages
of the PowerBook lie elsewhere.

Using iBook for Java/JBoss/Eclipse/MySql website development

Post by mkrongv » Sun, 09 Jan 2005 04:51:11

Mathias Rongved

Using iBook for Java/JBoss/Eclipse/MySql website development

Post by laurent.da » Wed, 12 Jan 2005 20:00:14

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I've been using Eclipse with CVS on a PowerBook "Pismo" (G3 at 500Mhz, 512MB
RAM) and it worked fine. My biggest problem was to use Eclipse with its
multiple panes window in a 1024 x 768 screen. I've since upgraded to a
PowerBook 17" (G4 at l.5GHz, 1.5GB of RAM) and it's much more enjoyable.
Eclipse is still a tad slow on this machine and I'm guessing that it's lacking
some optimization...

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