Retired Teacher Needs Advice on iBook G3

Retired Teacher Needs Advice on iBook G3

Post by Mark Schle » Tue, 07 Jun 2005 07:12:01

Two weeks ago my iBook G3 started showing some serious (bad) symptoms. For
one the screen would go black (and I don't mean due to the sleep timer).
Just recently I started to see some crazy lines and forms on the screen
while I was using several different application programs and then the
computer would freeze. That symptom got worse a few days ago and I even had
a hard time booting up. I took it to a local Apple Authorized Service Center
(CompUSA) and while I was there one of their techs told me not to waste my
money because the screen had some serious issues and the motherboard was
going bad. Together it would cost $1500 to repair. I was able to boot up one
more time and removed all my files to a zip drive disk. I got online,
purchased a G4 laptop from the Apple Store and put my laptop on eBay for
sale... noting the problems to any prospective buyer. Now my
the last day or so, after getting it to boot up again, its working as if
there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Did I make a mistake or is the
problem intermittent and bound to occur again. Thanks for any suggestions
(it might be too late since my new machine is on the way!)

Retired Teacher Needs Advice on iBook G3

Post by Garner Mil » Tue, 07 Jun 2005 07:20:43

In article <BEC8F0F1.7CF% XXXX@XXXXX.COM >, Mark Schlenoff

Some problems with the iBook G3 were widespread enough that there was a
warranty extension. It covered through march of this year *or* three
years from the date of purchase, do your unit might be covered. (I
would have hoped the tech at the Apple store would have looked it up;
he might have.)

Here are the details:

If it isn't covered, then the tech is right -- it's definitely not
worth spending any significant repair money on at this stage. And the
problem probably *will* recur on the old machine.

That said, the iBook G4 is a much better machine on many levels, and
it's much faster and more capable. My wife has one of the first 12" G4
models, and couldn't be happier with it. It's really an amazing
machine for the price.

Garner R. Miller
Clifton Park, NY =USA=