CW 8.3 changing process limits when debugging.

CW 8.3 changing process limits when debugging.

Post by Kirk Hader » Sun, 16 Nov 2003 03:04:29

I have a program that I am debugging that needs to open large numbers of
files. Using getrlimits it look like the max when running in the de ***
is 2048 files. Is there a way to change the Codewarrior defaults? The
behavior of the program is different when run from the finder. The max is
10240. I need to use setrlimit to increase the value to larger than 2048.
Setting the maximum does not seems to take effect. I need to produce the
same behavior in the de *** that I get in the finder. Any help would be

Kirk Haderlie
Design Engineer

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CW 8.3 changing process limits when debugging.

Post by MW Ro » Thu, 20 Nov 2003 07:32:27

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I'm pretty sure that there isn't any way to currnetly do it. I asked on
this and got no reply, but if someone does I'll let you know.


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