CWDS 9 parser/preprocessor inconsistency (bug?)

CWDS 9 parser/preprocessor inconsistency (bug?)

Post by Paul Russe » Wed, 08 Oct 2003 12:29:04

I've seen a complementary bug to this in CW9 a lot recently - I have
certain source files that compile just fine, but if I try to preprocess
them I get errors.


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Hi I'm currently looking for a C parser/preprocessor that's written in
Java (since I plan to be using the Prefuse visualisation toolkit) for
a student project.

I looked at ANTLR but the gcc translation framework grammar that's
available on its website is fairly dated and I can't seem to find any
outside projects which use it and can verify its reliability. Also
it's only works with already preprocessed C and may not be able to
emit comments.

Does anyone know any good C parser and preprocessor tools written in
Java? Hopefully it is able to use an abstract syntax tree so that I
can perform my own code transformations easily.

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