CW 8.3 and Tiger ...

CW 8.3 and Tiger ...

Post by jphl » Sun, 09 Oct 2005 02:37:22


I know that this subject has already been discussed many times here
and in other as well around the net. But this famous linker error
problem "MachoDylibs.c Line 656 could not read dylib" is still a
problem for me :

Ie tried the proposed solution which consist to change my project
settings to make my {OS X volumes} paths to point to the
"/developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.3.0.sdk" instead of "/". Ie done a
"Project->Re-Search for files" inside the CW menus, but this doesn
solve my problem at all. (Ie also tried with the 10.2.7 SDK, no more

So, Ie got three questions please :

-1- : What missing in the way I tried to solve this problem ?
-2- : Upgrading to CW 9 or 10 is not an option (migrating to XCode
will be the chossen option but I don have time to do this and test
it out right now). So, if theree no easy solutions for this, is it
possible to come back to an older system, says MAC OS 10.3.x without
problems ? Does anyone already faced these kind of problems ?

-3- Last but not least : I not able to gragrop my lib anymore
from the finder windows to my code warrior window project (for
instance, I used to dragrop "bundle1.o" to my code warrior
project window. Is it Tiger related ??

Thanks for yours answers,

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