Framework/bundle enrty/exit points using CALL_ON_LOAD/UNLOAD

Framework/bundle enrty/exit points using CALL_ON_LOAD/UNLOAD

Post by develo » Thu, 01 Jul 2004 04:14:25


I've searched the google archives on this subject, however what I
gleened and implemented doesn't seem to work.

Using 8.3 CW, I have both a framework and a bundle I am working with.

I added the following to the code:

/* main entry point : called at library load time */
extern void __MyInitialize(void);

void __MyInitialize()

#pragma CALL_ON_LOAD __MyInitialize

and to the Settings Pane (PPC MacOS X Linker), I added
"___MSInitialize" for the Main Entry Point item

I've set a breakpoint here in debugging a test app that uses the
bundle, but I never stop there.

Any ideas? Am I on the right path


Framework/bundle enrty/exit points using CALL_ON_LOAD/UNLOAD

Post by MW Ro » Thu, 01 Jul 2004 22:47:08

In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >,

With CodeWarrior 9 we added sn Init Entry Point along with the Main
Entry Point. The reason is that on Mach-O the Main entry point is just
a suggestion and not necessarily the entry point (It seems like it is
often not an entry point at all).

And there are just problems with CodeWarrior and debugging Bundles which
were fixed by CW 9. If you plan on doing much of these and if you are
doing 10.3 stuff then I highly suggest you upgrade to CW 9. In the long
run this will save you time, and frustration.


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