Looking for some help on some GUI tweaks/hacks on OSX

Looking for some help on some GUI tweaks/hacks on OSX

Post by gamedev0 » Sun, 02 Nov 2003 15:12:18

E-mail me privately for specifics on a little project on doing some
gui tweaks/hacks on OSX that I can use some help on. Thanks.

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I don't know if any one thinks this would be a great idea
as i should would think it would be. Well on yahoo
messenger they have a button where you can buzz or ding
the person your chattting to.. Many time's when i logon
and i see some one and they are not away i want to buzz
them. When i try to get them ..they are not there but
they don't even have them self marked as away or busy etc
etc etc. If Microsoft whould add this it would help and
ppl would be alot happyer if they can get that person
even if it is a family they have not seen in months and
they may be on but you can't ding them or buzz them to
let them know you there. Some times they maybe surfing
the net then what.

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