OT: Editor wars! :-)

OT: Editor wars! :-)

Post by Mike » Sun, 20 Jul 2003 03:52:22

So? you've just gotten used to that specific program.
People coming from ed/vi/emacs would have the same problem
trying to use Wordstar.

Modes are useful. However, they do require a little thought.
I know it's unreasonable to ask for that these days! :-)

QED, of course!

So use micro-emacs. Under 56KB binary.
No mail-reading, no directory browsing, no FTP, just editor.

Agreed! And I don't need a text editor with delusions of being an entire
development system! And I won't pay $300 for it. And I'll require being
able to do _anything_ with only keystrokes.

Same here!

Yeah, it shows promise. I'll be waiting for the pattern search/replace, though.

Take care!