Need Help On Best Querying ( is LINQ work with Huge amount of data ..)

Need Help On Best Querying ( is LINQ work with Huge amount of data ..)

Post by ranganad » Mon, 17 Mar 2008 20:18:29

Dear Group members,

I am new to LINQ, pls help on the deeling with huge amount of data
with the C# stand Alone application.

I have two file, which contains more then 2 lacs lines in every file

suppose file1 like ...

999361894 422021100257001
899119011 422021100344217
899373022 422021100262179
892044443 422021100426945
899292491 422021000154860

and file2 looks like


values under each file divided by different set of delimiter, and this
delimiter can be changed... ie some files came with some other
delimiter with more fields also.

My motive is to import different kind of formated files to my
application, and generate some auto-summarized report like ... 99999
is missed in file 2, and 99999 no is missed in file 1, and for this
id 999999, values are not matching ..

for this thing, i succeeded agenest the import various typed files to
my data grid.

Remain-thing, major thing is compare the files and generate summary
report, kindly remember i don't have Database support for my
application, and all data came with different formates and data will
be came like text files.

So, that i am starting with small comparison with LINQ,

DataTable dt1;//hold's the first file data
DataTable dt2; // hold's the second file data.

When i try to find out the records which are having dt1 and not in
dt2. with LINQ

var test= from k in dt1.AsEnumerable() where !(from t in
dt2.AsEnumerable() select
Field<string>(0)).Contains(k.Field<string>(0)) select k;

myResult_DataGrid.Datasource = test.AsDataView();

These steps running from server from mints, still application is look
like executing same statment.

i don't know what is the cause of hangout the application, it's look
like a problem with the huge amount of data, ofcource it nearly
having 2lac's X 2 lacs

is there any other solutions, to do this type of thigs? is there any
problem in my LINQ statement?

pls let me know , if anybody having the solutions on this type of

Thanks and Regards
ranganadh Kodali