Append [TARGETDIR] variable to system PATH variable

Append [TARGETDIR] variable to system PATH variable

Post by cnathaid » Fri, 17 Aug 2007 03:54:11


I have written a simple command line application in C# and created the
accompanying setup project in VS 2005.

When the user installs the application on the his/her machine, I would
like the path
[TARGETDIR]bin to be added to the machine Environment PATH variable.

Is there an easy way to do this? Any help is greatly appreciated.



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I work with a program that has an add-on module that only requires a
modification to the environmental variables PATH statement no installation.
I'm looking to use a VBScript to append the PATH statement in the System
Vaiables for that workstation.
I need to add "J:\MyProg\Folder;J:\MyProg" to the PATH statement. I'm still
new at this VBScripting but it would make my life easier instead of running
to all the machines and added this setting.

Any help or suggestions are great.
rob bartley

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