Non-visual component

Non-visual component

Post by Johnny Jge » Thu, 23 Aug 2007 19:42:47

Has anybody got a link for a tutorial on how you develop a component that
doesn't have a visual appearance, i.e. a component that - when dropped on a
form - creates an icon in the frame at the bottom of the form designer (like
e.g. Timer, NotifyIcon etc).???

Johnny J.

Non-visual component

Post by WWFyb24gS2 » Thu, 23 Aug 2007 20:40:00

1. Just add new 'component' to the project, write the code and build.
2. ctrl+alt+x
3. Add new item from the project you just created.
4. Add the component .
5. use it (drag the control).


public class Timer : Component

Yaron Karni