Using GDI+ to draw lines and points inside RichTextBox...

Using GDI+ to draw lines and points inside RichTextBox...

Post by jerem » Thu, 20 Nov 2003 23:57:06

Is it possible to use GDI+ to draw: lines, points, shapes, etc...
inside a RichTextBox? It seems VS.NET does this with the code edit
window (left margin code collapse/expand boxes)?


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I am puzzled...

I'm working on a small app that allow the user to interactively
produce vector graphics (draw lines, curves, rectangles etc.) as well
as using stored files on disc (emf based, think of it as clipart). The
whole thing is done in GDI+ using C#. Everything works fine and great,

Now I want to enable the user to export his artwork to a recognized
format like emf (saving/loading for use withing this particular app
using a proprietary format works fine).

what is the appropriate approach to do this?

Conceptual approach and/or code snippet is much appreciated.

BR /Camilla

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