Reading the value of an "xsi:type" attribute

Reading the value of an "xsi:type" attribute

Post by Carl Lindm » Fri, 20 May 2005 06:40:21

Hello all,

I'm having some problems understanding all the ins and outs with datasets
and datatables (and navigating through the filled datatable)...

Just when I thought I had gotten the hang of it, another problem arose:
I can't seem to access the "xsi:type" attribute. That is, the XML file looks
something like this:

<situationElement xsi:type="td:roadWorksType">

But when I try and filter the contents of the file (after I've read all
"situation" tags into a datatable) I can't seem to access the attribute
"xsi:type" - which I need to do to distinguish between different types.

When I change the XML and write "xsi_type" instead of "xsi:type", I'm able
to access this attribute by going to the right row and write
'rowname["xsi_type"]', but the files I will have to work on use the
attribute "xsi:type" and I haven't been able to access that attribute. Can
anyone help me? Any pointers?

Thanks in advance!


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Hello everybody!
I have follwoing problem.
In destination schema side some element of some base type actually contains
one of derived types (shown in BizTalk mapper in <Equivavalent> section).
When map has links only to one of these derived types, everything is OK. But
when there are links to different derived types within <Equivavalent> (but
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output) BizTalk mapper always set xsi-type attribute to first in list in
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