design question, using xml-serializable objects with databound controls

design question, using xml-serializable objects with databound controls

Post by KJ » Sat, 21 Apr 2007 00:06:02

Hello Folks,

I am working with a third party web service whose inputs and outputs
are always passed as XmlNode objects.

To work with this system, I am using two MS tools:

1) xsd.exe: to generate strongly-typed datasets from the Xml messages
for easy databinding (using DataSet.ReadXml(), for example)

2) xsdobjectgen.exe: for serialization/deserialization of xml from
strings to classes and back

When displaying data, I can bind to controls such as GridView using
the strongly-typed datasets.

My question is, when a user modifies a single DataGridViewRow in the
GridView, how would I get just that one modified DataGridViewRow and
turn it back into an object using xml deserialization, so I can then
send it back to the web service to be updated?


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2. How can i see if an object is Xml Serializable at runtime?

I am looking for a way to determine in RunTime if a given object is Xml
Serializable (short of trying to serialize it to xml and catching the

Is this possible?

Since an object must have a Default Constructor to be XmlSerializable I have
tried something like:

Type valueType = aRandomObject.GetType();
bool isXmlSerializable = valueType.IsClass && !valueType.IsValueType
? valueType.GetConstructor(new Type[]{}) != null : true;

but this is not correct. Am I on the right track or missing something

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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