Programming a RAD tool

Programming a RAD tool

Post by Janus Knud » Thu, 06 May 2004 03:18:42


To get the best start in developing a RapidApplicationDevelopent - tool, I
would be pleased to hear from anybody with experience and/or knowledge of
the subject.

To make things short, we've worked for several years on a scripting
language, a sort of a markup language. It consists of about 20 objects, some
tags to control program flow, some vars and so on.... It works fine, but all
the code to get it to work is written in an editor and then later parsed to
something meaningfull for the engine.

Now we're heading for a graphical user interface with a designer surface to
make the building much easier for the user. But... :O) hehe....

I could ask: how do you build a graphical tool like Visio with the ability
to link objects/ shapes together with a line ?. It could be a fairly large
article, no doubt of that, so..., but it's said to get your thoughts in that
direction. I could mention GDI+, designers etc... Unfortunately our
knowledge ends along with the words :-(

Kind regards

Programming a RAD tool

Post by Joe Mayo [ » Thu, 06 May 2004 12:09:17

Hi Janus,

You may want to check out #develop:

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