Impersonation from Windows Service for Web Service

Impersonation from Windows Service for Web Service

Post by johyso » Sun, 21 Dec 2003 00:17:25


I am using a windows service which does two things

1. It calls an exe which is a screen scraping program and needs to
with the desktop.
2. It calls an web service, which requires network privileges.

Since both these settings cannot be acheived in service(Local system
account allows interactivity but no network privileges and All other
accounts allow network privileges but not interactivity.), i thought i
will use the local system account and for the web service call i will

Impersonation is happening and it is saying that logon is successfull
but still the web service call is failing. As soon as i switch the
properties to user account and remove impersonation the web service
call becomes

Please help.
If there is any other way of doing this, then please reply.


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Hi all

I would like to now the answer to the following problem, if someone can

Given a windows application client that's calling a web service (using
default credentials) the
web service gets invoked fine with the users credentials. However they
to call a second web service from the first one. When it hits the
second web
service, the web service (even though configured correctly) always
reports (401) Unauthorized.

Is there any possibility to do this or is impossible ?

Can someone give me a sample of Kerberos Implementation for this case ?

Is possible to implement any workaround for this problem ?

Thanks in advance

Manuel Brand

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