VS 2003 Vs VS 2005 speed

VS 2003 Vs VS 2005 speed

Post by Arun Kuma » Thu, 04 Aug 2005 08:26:43


I am new to .NET. I have VS.NET 2003 and VS.NET 2005 Beta 2 Installed on my
I created a Windows Application which uses COM object. Its a simple test.
When I Build the application on VS 2003 and building solution and runs
faster than VS 2005. Does it mean if I switch to VS 2005 later this year
when its released it going to be slower than VS 2003?
Program I created was using C#.NET


VS 2003 Vs VS 2005 speed

Post by Octavio He » Thu, 04 Aug 2005 08:54:55


I think not necessarily. Right now you're using BETA versions of .NET 2.0
and VS 2005 which are not quite optimized yet.

Regards - Octavio


VS 2003 Vs VS 2005 speed

Post by Willy Deno » Thu, 04 Aug 2005 17:40:27

What exactly do you mean with runs faster on VS2003, did you measure and
how did you measure this? Are you sure you aren't running a debug build?
Where is the slow down?
Without an answer to these questions you can't expect any sensible answer.


VS 2003 Vs VS 2005 speed

Post by Arun Kuma » Fri, 05 Aug 2005 00:35:18

OK. Correct without proper information I cannot expect a sensible answer. I
should have added all the information, I will provide you with all the
proper information needed so I can be rest assured that i m not crazy about
VS 2003 is faster.
Let me explain.
I have an ActiveX(Dll) control which renders Live Video stream and I have
used it with Delphi to create applications and its running fine no problem
( I m not going to discuss about that).

We are in the process of migrating to .NET so I opened up my VS 2005 IDE and
click new project which opened up a dialog box with list of things which i
dont know much, I selected Windows Application under C# and clicked OK.

IDE created everything for me and there I see the form. I added the ActiveX
control on the toolbox by Right clicking on the tab and choosing Add Items
and it listed all the .NET controls and another tab with COM components and
I checked the ActiveX control and Clicked OK.

Now, I got the ActiveX control on the tab and drag and dropped it on the
form and set the properties of serverIP, username, password and added a
button. From the Build menu I selected Build solution and later pressed F5
(I think its Run with Debugging). You are right its running with Debug.
I did the same exact steps in VS 2003 and I got the form up and running lot
quicker than the latter.
I agree its Beta and I cannot expect 100% performance.

I didnt use any speed measuring tool. But I can make out from the time i
click F5 to the time it showed the form. Its not a major time difference but
something I thought I should check with the Newsgroup.

I hope I gave all the info and sorry for that long description. I just want
to make sure its worth migrating.