Amazon MP3 Store is pretty damn good, but of course there's _always_ a catch :-(

Amazon MP3 Store is pretty damn good, but of course there's _always_ a catch :-(

Post by mikePOS » Sun, 30 Sep 2007 23:15:55

That a program that ships _with_ an OS requires that OS is commonplace.
Are there any apps that are included in a Tiger installation that are
compatible with older Mac OS versions? Well, other than iTunes.

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1. Kernel-2.6.10 actually runs pretty damn good!

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4. Pretty Damn Funny There Numb Nuts

5. Good store online with good assortmet and good price that are or ship in europe??

6. Be less presumptuous and arrogant - was: Organise you work right; :-( :-( :-(

7. Damn frustrating problem :-(

8. Damn Mice took most of my reply boards :-(

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