iMac G4 Wont Boot to CD

iMac G4 Wont Boot to CD

Post by kslater » Thu, 08 Apr 2004 07:48:42

Hi all,

In the process of correcting some minor glitches on a clients iMac G4,
I ran a restoration CD that did not complete and ended with a BSD
shell prompt. After that, the iMac will not boot to any CD. I have
tried several recovery disk and OS9 and OSX Installation CDs. It
appears that the mac doesn't see the keyboard at startup as the Caps
Lock light will not come on, therefore I am not able to reset the PRAM
or tell the machine to boot to CD by holding the "C" key! I have tried
several different keyboards and all three USB ports to no avail.

It has become obvious to me that I'm not going to be able to restore
the OS by booting from a CDROM so my question is this...

How do I get the OSX software back onto the hard drive without the
optical drive?

I have heard that the machine can be booted into "target" mode with a
Firewire connection to another Mac, but I don't think I can do this
without keyboard functionality. I do have working macs (G4 Cube and G3
blue and white), would it be best to transfer the hard drive to
another machine and install the software that way?

Lastly, is there anyway to move the drive into a Windows machine as a
slave and format and copy the data that way? (Is the drive in the iMac
IDE compatible?)

Thanks for any help (please copy replies to my email addy)


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I have an iMac g4 (17" LCD "pod" machine) that won't boot. I'm guessing
a hard drive problem--startup icon spins forever, then it finally
displays the firmware login prompt. The last time I was able to boot it,
I ran the disk utility, which said there was a problem with the disk but
that it couldn't repair it (being the startup drive).

OS X 10.4.something.

Won't boot from CD, either. I don't know if this is a problem with the
drive itself or something related to the apparent HD corruption.

I have pretty much all the files I need backed up--but would like to at
least temporarily access the disk to get software from it (I bought the
computer used with programs I need on it--I don't have the installer
disks for most of them).

I have external USB and Firewire hard drives, and a G4 laptop. Can
anyone suggest a way to boot the iMac using one of these, then run the
disk utility to try to get the iMac's drive back to where I can mount
it? I've found some resources on the Web but none has yet done the
trick--references to likely help sources would be appreciated.

Much thanks and praise to anyone who can suggest solutions.


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