Problems over G3 266 Mac OS X 10 and PCI USB card

Problems over G3 266 Mac OS X 10 and PCI USB card

Post by stev » Mon, 25 Dec 2006 05:46:26

Can someone tell me what's wrong with my PCI USB card. Everytime I shut
off my usb printer strange things appends
with my iPod and my memory flask usb key - they simply won't mount.
They do in my iBook G3.
I don't want my printer to stay on for days and months as it drys my
ink cartridge and because I don't print often, want to save energy,
Is there a way to struggle this with UNIX command - in the Terminal,
flushing cache, etc. Do I have to change PCI *** possitioning (I think
it's on A1), is there a better place to connect my printer - say at the
end, if there is one to the PCI Card (a StarTech) and finally does
power supply is affecting by the fact that I have 3 IDE drive

Any advice is well appreciated
Thank you

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2. beige G3 266 hard drive/Firewire question

I have a beige G3 266 desktop and want to add an external Firewire hard
drive to use for video capture and playback. I did stick in a 4 Port
IEEE 1394 PCI Interface Card a while back and have been using that for
my miniDV capture/playback on iMovie, but simply need more room.

Will my Firewire card work with a Firewire hard drive? I just returned
to Fry's a Maxtor 160gb FireWire/USB external because it wasn't fast at
all. In fact, any attempt to use iMovie resutled in the Maxtor ***
and stopping either video capture or playback. BUT I'd also
inadvertently initalized the drive for USB and not Firewire. On USB the
Maxtor was soooo slow even moving iMovie files to it. I tried to remedy
that by trying to re-initalize the drive to Firewire but no go on that.

I guess my question is...I want to use a Firewire hd at least
120gb-160gb primarly for video capture and playback and don't know if my
beige G3 will actually work on a Firewire drive or not. I'm sort of a
newbiew and hope I'm making my question clear. Will the beige G3 with
Firewire card installed recognize a Firewire external hard drive? And
any recomendations on a reliable Firewire external to purchase? Any
suggestions are very much apprecicated.

thanks! Sydney

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