How to re-install "Hardware Diagnostic Test" on HD

How to re-install "Hardware Diagnostic Test" on HD

Post by abz » Sat, 14 Nov 2009 21:24:09

Holding D at startup on a brand new Mac force boot "Hardware
Diagnostic Test".
But if the HD is formated this option is lost. How to re-install
"Hardware Diagnostic Test" on HD ?
I know the install DVD can boot "Hardware Diagnostic Test" but I wish
do it from internal HD...

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My friend has a copy of Win-XP-Home at SP2 level.
It seems so badly damaged, that he wants to totally
erase the hard-drive and install vanilla copy
of Win-XP onto it ( and then later install SP2).

But, he says that when he BOOTS from the
so called Dell 're-installation' CDROM, it detects
this 'newer' version of Win-XP out there, and
thus will NOT let him clear the disk and install
from scratch.

Is he just answering the queries incorrectly or
does this Dell CD NOT allow him to do this?



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