Re-launch of The Gadgets Forum

Re-launch of The Gadgets Forum

Post by Blue Pike » Fri, 09 May 2008 22:22:24

Re-launch of The Gadgets Forum

Re-launch of "The Gadgets Forum -" with new and stunning
categories, now you can find latest news and reviews about the

1) Audio/Video Gadgets = MP3 Players, iPods, Speakers, Audio/Video
Systems, Digital Cameras etc.

2) Automobile Gadgets

3) Cell Phones & Accessories

4) Laptops, Desktops & Accessories

5) Clocks & Watches

6) *** Gadgets

7) Geek Toys

8) GPS & Satellites

9) Home & Office Gadgets

10) Kitchen Gadgets

11) Solar Powered Gadgets

12) Travel & Power Gadgets


1. Re-launch of The Gadgets Forum

2. Flat Planets v2 Re-launch


More details of the re-launch of the game Flat Planets have been published
to the website.
Flat Planets is a web based strategy game where each player runs their own
country within a defined region.

Details can be found at:

3. Daylight Saving Time Bug - Need To Quit Entourage 2004 and Re-Launch