Help, Copy Records, change dates on records, save new updated reco

Help, Copy Records, change dates on records, save new updated reco

Post by Y2NfY3Jhc2 » Fri, 25 May 2007 21:29:01

I am working with VB.Net 2005 going to an Access 2003 database.

I want to give my user the ability to copy a list of Orders (based on MR #
and PreviousVisitDate) to a new VisitDate when they are creating one. I have
everything ready but I am stuck on how to construct an SQL statement to do
what I need to do. So this is what I have to do..

1. Select all Orders with the specified MR and PreviousVisitDate

2. Copy all of the returned records (to a new temp table??)

3. Change the Date in the returned records to the New Date they entered.

So now I will have the original list and the new list that looks just like
it but with a different Date.

I am sure this is simple for most of you but I am struggling with it. Can
anyone show me an example of how this would be done or point me to one that I
can read through? Thanks for any help you can give me with this.

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Hi Pete!

Still trying to make it work as originally designed, I see!

Take a look at an Update Query in Access. You can use "Is Not Null" as a
criterion to update (from) a field that holds a non-null value.

My original design suggestion still holds. A "summary table/record" may
seem to help...

... but creating a "summary record" in a separate table only introduces the
potential issue of synchronization. That is, you will have to ensure that:
1) new information to your first table gets properly recorded into the
second; 2) any change to any row of information (old info, but modified)
gets properly recorded into the second, summary table; 3) no changes are
EVER made directly in the summary table, as this would cause it to fall out
of synchronization with what is contained in your "details" table.

Good luck!

Jeff Boyce
<Access MVP>

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