Tricking Transparent Non-Mdi Child Forms into MDI Parent / Application

Tricking Transparent Non-Mdi Child Forms into MDI Parent / Application

Post by henrycorte » Fri, 25 Jun 2004 18:09:25

Hi, I am aware that TransparencyKey only works with top-level forms or
Non-MDI Child Forms, if one tries to set the opacity or
transparencykey property to a MDI-Child form, it will have no effect.

So, I tricked my Transparent Non-MDI Child form into my MDI-Container
form via SetParent API as seen here in my VB.NET sample ( ).

I thought my problems are over, but apprently, even though I SetParent
the Transparent Non-MdiChild form to the MDI-Container form, the
Non-MdiChild form still retains its .Left & .Top coordinate systems to
Screen Coordinates.

So I tried using the SetForm2Location() function I made and place them
at Form1_Move event, so whenever Form1 moves, Form2 (transparent form)
will move to the same location of Form1.
Public Sub SetForm2Location()
If frmForm2 Is Nothing = False Then
Dim p As Point
p = frmForm1.PointToScreen(New System.Drawing.Point(0, 0))

frmForm2.Left = p.X
frmForm2.Top = p.Y

End If
End Sub
**form2 being the Transparent-Non-MdiChild
**form1 being the Mdi-Child

The main goal of my program is to make the Transparent-Non-MdiChild &
Mdi-Child forms to appear as though they are one and the same. Having
the same size & location.

Having the same size for both forms, I use the following code, which
works ok.
Public Sub SetForm2Size()
If frmForm2 Is Nothing = False Then
Dim iWidth As Integer
Dim iHeight As Integer

iWidth = frmForm1.Width - (iX_SFrame * 2)
iHeight = frmForm1.Height - (iY_SFrame * 2) -

If frmForm2.Width <> iWidth Or frmForm2.Height <> iHeight
frmForm2.Size = New Size(iWidth, iHeight)
End If
End If
End Sub
**placing the SetForm2Size at the Form1_Resize event, so whenever
Form1 resizes, Form2 will resize too (same size).

It appears to be when I MAXIMIZE the MDI-Container form, everyting is
appears OK, when I resize the Form1, Form2 resizes, when I move Form1,
Form2 moves on the same place, nice & good.

However, when I DONT maximize the MDI-Container form, location
problems occur. Moving form1 will move form2, but in a different
location, not at the same location of form1.

It appears that when I maximize the MDI-Container form, the coordinate
system becomes screen coordinates???? which made everything work ok.
Any ideas on what might have gone wrong when I don't maximize the


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Hi all. I have a MDI child form that is a systems maintenance form. I have
7 buttons that will be used to call 7 lookup table maintance forms. My code
to call the lookup table child forms from the child form is the problem.
How do I code it?
The MainFrame.vb is the MDI container. I tried setting that as the MdiParent
but no joy... Obviously I can't use .Me as .Me is a child form also.. So
how do I do this?

Thanks in advance..


Here is the one that calls the maintence form for Color:

Private Sub btnColor_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As
System.EventArgs) Handles btnColor.Click

Dim frmCOL As New frmColorMaint

frmCOL.MdiParent = GRS2.MainForm <------- this is the MainFrame.vb
that is the MDI container


End Sub

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