Project build problem - what am I doing wrong?

Project build problem - what am I doing wrong?

Post by John Dan » Sun, 28 Jan 2007 18:05:02

I have a program that needs to access a prewritten external data file
that is supplied with the program. I want to place this data file in

In the program's setup project I've done: Add Special Folder | User's
Application Data File, then within this created a folder called
MyProgramFolder, then Add File and pointed to a copy of my external
data file, which duly appears in the folder contents (EXCEPT that it
has a wavy line underneath!)

But unfortunately the resulting setup program does not install the
external data file where it should - in fact as far as I can see it
does not install it at all anywhere on the target PC.

Cany anyone advise what I'm doing wrong please? The fact that the file
entry has a wavy line underneath is presumably indicative of an error
but what's the cause and how do I fix it?


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Ben Pfaff

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