Now Working - Managed OnSave Event Sink Errors on x64

Now Working - Managed OnSave Event Sink Errors on x64

Post by Don » Thu, 15 Feb 2007 02:51:07

Finally got the MSDN "Implementing a Managed OnSave Event Sink" working for
Exchange Server 2007 x64 on Windows Server 2003 Enerprise x64 Edition. Could
be because of one or all of the following reasons (Note: these items were
just the result of my own tests, so may or may not work for you):

1. clean up some of the items in the VB.NET code: change "Imports
ExevtsnkLib = SignedExevtsnk" to "Imports ExevtsnkLib = Interop.Exevtsnk",
and avoid warnings by setting the objects = Nothing when Dim'ing rec and

2. For Component Services, use the "Install new component(s)" button instead
of "Import component(s)". This will permit you to review the interfaces and
methods to make sure you've got IExStoreAsyncEvents on the list.

3. For Component Services select the DLL file, not the TLB file, when
installing the component. Using the TLB file appears to work, but the
Exchange Explorer Registration Wizard may believe that your component is not
properly registered. It also seems that in one of my attempts, using the TLB
file resulted in IExStoreAsyncEvents missing from the component's list of

4. COM Security: For Default Access and Default Launch and Activation: Be
sure that the list includes SYSTEM, INTERACTIVE, and the "run under" account
you selected on the Identity Tab of the Component Properties.

Now Working - Managed OnSave Event Sink Errors on x64

Post by v-wywan » Thu, 15 Feb 2007 12:17:07

Thanks, Don.:)
We greatly appreciate for your post back.

Have a great day!
Wen Yuan