ANN: free DPack for VS.NET 2003/2005 v2.5.1

ANN: free DPack for VS.NET 2003/2005 v2.5.1

Post by Sergey » Tue, 29 Nov 2005 23:18:27

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce a new v2.5.1 availability of our free VS.NET
2003 and VS 2005 add-ons collection called DPack. DPack includes
various browser tools that allow the developer to quickly find
solution's code members, types or files. Additional tools such as
numbered bookmarks, solution backup and statistics, to name the few,
are included as well.

You can check the change log, see the feature descriptions and
screenshots, and download DPack installation application at:

New in this release:

* Solution Browser feature
* VS 2005 (RTM) support
* Usability improvements for all browser features

Features included in DPack:

* Code Browser
* File Browser
* Solution Browser
* Framework Browser
* Numbered Bookmarks
* Surround With
* Code Navigation
* Solution Statistics
* Solution Backup
* Additional Keyboard Mapping Schemes

Sergey Mishkovskiy

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Thank you very much!

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