Navigating within a dataset

Navigating within a dataset

Post by cG1jZ3Vpcm » Thu, 06 May 2004 02:06:07

I want to navigate to a specific record within a dataset.datatable. Some of my controls are bound to this datatable, and it would be nice to do something like


But since the Position property is an integer, this obviously doesn't work. Instead Ive been looping through the entire table (i.e.

Me.BindingContext(MyDataset.MyDataTable).Position =
While Not Me.BindingContext(MyDataset.MyDataTable).Current("MyKeyField") = keyvalu
Me.BindingContext(MyDataset.MyDataTable).Position = Me.BindingContext(MyDataset.MyDataTable).Position +
End Whil

). This just seems wrong to me. Is there a better way?

Navigating within a dataset

Post by Cor Ligthe » Thu, 06 May 2004 02:26:50

Hi PMCguire,

I find it a nice routine you have made. Do not forget that underdeck a
shorter method would almost always do the same as your routine.

You can make it look nicer by first making a currencymanager as this
cma as new directcast(bindingcontext(mydataset.mydatatabble)
cma.Position = 0
While Not cma.Current("MyKeyField") = keyvalue
cma.Position += 1

However I see also no better alternative at the moment.