Decent data grid at decent price.

Decent data grid at decent price.

Post by jlpra » Wed, 26 Nov 2003 07:33:16

I am looking for a data grid to be uses in windows form .net
application. The ones I found were all in the $300 to $500 range,
which I find a bit expensive. I am willing to pay between $100 and


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2. Ardour, decent, not great but decent.

I had a client come to me with a truckload of 4 track tapes done at 15ips
and in various stages of usability.
He wants raw CD's created so he can mix/master at his leisure.
IOW, my task is to transfer the 4 tracks to digital 4 track.
Normally I would use Sonar Producer or Vegas for this kind of thing but
this guy uses Ardour so I was kind of stuck.

I did some research on Ardour, learned how to use jack and set the whole
thing up.
The problem is Ardour/jack seem to want to run as root and su/sux is not
good enough as I found out when I dumped a song over and Ardour froze like
a rock when I went to save the data.

Logging into kde as root and running jackd and Ardour fixed this problem.

Overall, the program isn't that bad at all.
In fact it's quite good and I haven't had a single problem with the first
3 10 inch reels I have dumped down. God is this music awful though, but
that's another story.

Bottom line, give it a whirl because you might be surprised. It's not
Sonar, but it doesn't cost $900.00 either and it does what I ask of it.

One good thing is the UI which is very well thought out and clear as a
crisp bell. Easy to use, easy to figure out and uncluttered.
I like that.

This program has a lot of potential.


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