Converting Quick Basic to Visual Basic

Converting Quick Basic to Visual Basic

Post by Mike Willi » Sat, 26 Sep 2009 17:59:51

No you haven't. You are telling lies again, Clark. But that's not unusual
because you are are proven and habitual liar. What IS the case and what
people have said is that moving existing code from one version of VB to the
next from VB1 upwards right up until VB6 is extremely easy, often requiring
no work at all. Nobody here ever said that moving from QB to VB6 was
trivial, and neither did they say it about Spectrum Basic or Amiga Basic or
C64 Basic. So your statement that people here have said that ALL Basic code
will convert perfectly is clearly a lie. You are a liar and a troll and you
are here in a quest to annoy. Your answer, as usual, is of no help at all to
the person who asked the question and is specifically designed to annoy him
and everyone else. You do not deserve to be allowed on the Micro$oft
sponsored groups and if you insist on pestering us here in the VB6 group
with your evangelistic dotnet drivel by posting messages that are of no help
whatsoever to the OP and that do not answer any of the questions asked and
that are specifically designed to annoy people then I think Micro$oft should
block your messages. You are a liar and an idiot and a troll. I've copied
this response to the VB.Net group so the people there will again know what
you are still up to here. Hopefully they will get just as fed up of seeing
your name over there as we are of seeing it here. By the way, I notice that
Bill McCarthy has suddenly appeared here again after a long absence. Is he
going to take over your shift to give you a rest, or are you going to work
as a team?


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