OO business class vs data class..

OO business class vs data class..

Post by Brad Pear » Sun, 15 Jul 2007 02:23:41

hanks for that... Here are a couple questions regarding your response...

1) Ok, I was assuming a brand new contact - one that has not yet been
populated from the db because it does not yet exist there - that's why I was
passing the contractno. I guess I don't really need to do though so would it
have been better to omit that and just set the ContractNo property and then
issue the update like this... (using no parameters)

' Set the busContract object properties
busContract.ContractNo = me.txtContractNo.text
' include code to set other properties the same way if they havent; already
been set elsewhere
' issue the update

2) Ok YES I UNDERSTAND!!! The light bulb went on!! Makes perfect sense,
pass the entire object and presto I can then use all the properties on that
business class object to do my updates!!

3) OK, so that means that you do not need to duplicate the properties of the
business class on the data class at all. Really the associated data class
will have very few properties... Only ones specific to it...

4) In looking at other OO code, I have noticed where many programmers have
simply used public variables in their classes instead of declaring them as
private and exposing public properties which get and set the private
variables... I have been using properties and private variables... What is
your take on that?? Is therte a general rule of thumb that should be
followed or can this simply be left up to the developer?? I would think it
not wise to have a pile of public variables exposed and you would lose the
ability to do consistency cheecking within the get and set blocks etc...

5) I think I am going to order that book (Expert VB 2005 Business Objects) !
I downloaded the sample chapter 6 and it looks interesting for sure. The
only way to learn this stuff though is to program from the ground up. Using
a pre-built framework application would be handy once I understand it all..
but for now I need to dive in with both feet and read about it and learn by
doing etc... Does this book deal with grassroots stuff or does it mainly
focus on the whole CSLA.net thing becasue I really need a book to do
grassroots OO stuff...

Thanks, Brad

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