Assigning a reference using getObject()

Assigning a reference using getObject()

Post by AP » Sun, 18 Sep 2005 03:08:04


I am trying to create an object and then use the getObject() method to set
my VB object to a running instance of the object within a window in a
windows program that is currently running.

For example: -

Dim A as Game.Application
A = getObject()

The object I want to reference is within an ATL window. Is there any way I
can set object A to reference an object in an ATL window?
Do I need to use API functions such as FindWindow in getObjects()
Do I need to refer to the actual dll file instead?

I hope someone can help. My aim is to achieve automation, i.e control the
program with vb code.


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So, I have this VBScript logon script that works fine on a W2k, W3K,
XP, etc. I translated this script to JScript and it works fine on W2k
and XP. However, it does not work on W3K. The place where it breaks
is this piece of JScript code:

var objPrinter = GetObject ("WinNT://" + strPrtServerDomain + "/" +
strPrtServer + "/" + strPrtShare);

however, this same piece of Code in VBScript works great:

Set objPrinter = GetObject("WinNT://" & strPrtServerDomain & "/" &
strPrtServer & "/" & strPrtShare)

Any ideas?

I've tried changing the server name and domain to uppercase/lowercase,
etc. Nothing has done the trick for W3000.



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