[OSDK] Major release

[OSDK] Major release

Post by Mickael Po » Tue, 20 Jan 2004 04:41:33


It has been something like more than one year since the last version, so
here it is, a vastly updated version. The best way to tell you how much more
it has been modified is to look at the historic file:

= Version 0.009 - January 2004 =
- Corrected a bug in the data unpacking code
- Corrected a bug in the EQW_DI macro instruction
- Modified the linker to handle pure assembly code projects (SET OSDKLINK=-B
in the configuration file)
- Modified the linker to make it not complain about .( and .)
- Modified the linker to add #file directives in order to get valid error
messages (file/line) from XA assembler
- Modified the linker to makes it accept /* */ comments (was previously
crashing badly)
- Modified the assembleur to accept the #file directive
- Modified the makefile to accept a OSDKCOMP variable to handle compiler
optimisation settings
- Updated Euphoric to release 1.004a
- Added "testing" mode to PictConv
- Added a "don't save header" mode to FilePack
- Added a new sample project: 4KKong game

Have fun, and as usual don't hesitate to contact me for any problem, beeing
in the generated code, failure of installation, problems in the
documentation, and so on.

You will find the new release here: