Mag reviews - HELP

Mag reviews - HELP

Post by Steve Mars » Sat, 02 Jun 2007 07:44:26

A question came in the mailbox from Sweden.

"my name is Dan and I from Sweden.

I am a collector of Manic Miner & Jet Set Willy games.. and magazines with
reviews by those wonderful games.

as I belive you are the "expert" about Oric magz.. can you tell me which
(if it was any) magazine had review/s with Manic Miner? . .. would be
superkind if you have time and can answer this! :)"

I've given what I can remember from OUM and Rhetoric but can't say about
other mags without checking. Can anyone help out ? Someone have a CEO index
to hand ?

Steve M

Mag reviews - HELP

Post by Andre Majo » Thu, 07 Jun 2007 07:36:09

Your correspondent certainly knows how to flatter his way
around. I had an issue of a British magazine that mentioned Jet
Set Willy. I think the year was 1984. Can't find it now but it
may have been _Your computer_. It had a flashy cover and ugly

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