Minigames 2004 - Reminder and a Warning

Minigames 2004 - Reminder and a Warning

Post by Euphori » Tue, 21 Sep 2004 18:45:34

"Mickael Pointier" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > a rit dans le message de

But Jon has to verify his entry, it doesn't seem to work on the different
configurations I tried...
On the other hand, Stephane has also started submitting his 3 entries...
(submitter of the year :-)

I take the occasion to remind every minigame writer that after boot-up, an
Oric comes with an undefined memory state in most of $0000-$02FF
This is mostly important for the minigames, because we all want to use many
zero-page locations, and don't have space to initialize them... But, if you
don't initialize those zero-page variables, you will have an unexpected
behaviour on some Orics, because they don't have the same memory contents at
startup ! Even with virtual Orics you can have a different memory content at
startup, for example Euphoric now comes with 3 different "ram patterns",
giving three known screens at startup (vertical lines, horizontal lines, or
diagonal rectangles). So, if you don't want to test all these memory
patterns, please be sure you initialize your zero-page locations or use
already defined ones (those individually initialized by the Basic rom)...

And be warned that this is also true for page 2...
Recently on this newsgroup, we talked about different behaviors of a program
when run with Euphoric.
You all know that location $02DF holds the ascii-code of the last keystroke
(with bit 7 set).
This location is not initialized when the Oric boots, and thus some Oric
have 0 in it, whilst others have $FF.
$FF means DEL key pressed, so if people launch your program by
double-clicking the tape image under Windows, your program will think the
user has pressed DEL (and so maybe skip an intro screen). You can get rid of
these different behaviors by using a single instruction at the beginning of
your program (3 bytes -penalty) : LSR $02DF.

I wish you all the same... Good luck !



(I'm far from having finished too... and with all the hours I have spent, I
hope it won't be felt too boring :-(

Minigames 2004 - Reminder and a Warning

Post by Mickael Po » Wed, 22 Sep 2004 03:42:49

> > Just to remind everybody that the deadline for minigames is the 26th of

And one of the three games (the LCD port) does not work on my Euphoric.
It's stay freezed on the picture.

Important to know, indeed.
It's too easy to take shortcuts in the initialisation of the game, and get
something that crash :(



I'm not worried, rush hour was great !



Minigames 2004 - Reminder and a Warning

Post by Euphori » Wed, 22 Sep 2004 21:40:42

"Mickael Pointier" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > a rit dans le message de

this was indeed a consequence of an un-initialized variable !
Stephane has corrected it now, 4KFire now works superb...

About Jon's game, actually it works, but I was just surprised by the first
screen that seemed broken...
Well, I understand that in the 1K category, you don't have much room for
fancy intro screens :-)
And when you see Jon's rich graphics, you can't believe it's a 1K game !

Cheers to all,