OSDK Version 0.013

OSDK Version 0.013

Post by Mickael Po » Tue, 06 Jun 2006 00:53:37

Ok, that's a major upgrade, actually I checked on the website, the last
version I uploaded was the 0.009 from january 2004

So here is the list of modifications:

Version 0.013 - June 2006
- Corrected a bug in the makefile (introduce in version 0.012) that make it
impossible to compile C programs
- It is now possible to use .ASM extension for assembly source code, in
addition to .S
- Added pictures of Windows 2000 and Windows XP system properties in the
installation page

Version 0.012 - June 2006
Corrected a bug in the linker that made impossible to use the linker with
only one source file
Corrected a bug in the #file command in XA, it now correctly displays the
file and line if an error happens during the second pass
Corrected a bug in the handling of static function pointer generating bad
code (1.29 code generator by Fabrice)
Added an option to display the size of generated programs in Header

Version 0.011 - March 2006
Corrected a bug in the data unpacking code (overflow when offset was equal
to 4096 exactly)
Corrected a bug (hack) in XA that make it crash when processing too many
levels of macro expansion
Added a way to generate masks from a bitmap in PictConv
Added support for Atari ST compatible bitmap data in PictConv
Added an option in Bin2Txt to set the number of values per line of data
Added a new program in the OSDK, MemMap with the associated osdk_showmap.bat
to show how memory is used

Version 0.010 - January 2004
Corrected bug in the memset routine: it was trashing the first byte that
follow the routine.
Added screenshots of Euphoric menu, boot sequence and de *** in action

As usual, you can find the archive for the OSDK in the following page of
Defence Force:

I tested it to compile the game from Fabrice, I had to do a few
modifications in the source code, but also some bugs to correct in the OSDK

To compile proton, you have to do the following things:
- Edit the source code to make it compatible with XA:
-> Replace "string" by ".asc"
-> Replace "BYTE" by ".byt"
-> Replace "WORD" by ".word"
-> Replace "equ" by "="
-> Replace "XOR" by "^"
-> Replace "LOW" by "<"
-> Replace "HIGH" by ">"
-> Remove all the "a" after "asl", "lsr"...
- Remove the "org" directive at the begining because we will set up that in
the configuration file.
- Create a 'osdk_config.bat' file, that will contain the following lines:


:: Set the build paremeters

(you can of course just copy one from the "sample" folder, and modify it)

After that, all you have to do is to run "osdk_build.bat" (that you also
copied from a "sample" folder) and then "osdk_execute.bat" to run euphoric.
And finaly using "osdk_showmap.bat" you can see the whole program memory

This version basicaly contains all the small tweaks and fixes I made for
Twilighte and me while we develloped our games and demos for the Oric. So
well it should in theory be quite stable, it's not impossible that I forgot
some files thus, so please report any problem

Have fun !


OSDK Version 0.013

Post by Euphori » Wed, 07 Jun 2006 17:31:01


Sorry for that...
I do use the OSDK when developing C programs, but I admit when developing
assembly programs, I still have the reflex to use the Frankenstein
assembler, despite its lack of macros, etc. Will try to remember XA next
time :-)




OSDK Version 0.013

Post by Mickael Po » Thu, 08 Jun 2006 04:31:38

> Sorry for that...

Well, you do not have to be sorry.
Everybody can do what he wants anyway :-)

I'm just taking the opportunity to see who does what, and adapt the OSDK so
it get eventually usable for a larger number of people.

My next steps I think will be:
- to get a user definable pre-build and post-build steps
- to get the possibility to filepacker oric programs out of the box (if
somebody can provide an oric port of some better filepackers, no problem