Retro Gamer Issue 11 - USA bias

Retro Gamer Issue 11 - USA bias

Post by Tarquin Mi » Fri, 24 Dec 2004 00:54:46

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So Retro Gamer continue their USA bias, as readers in the US, according
to RG have not heard of British micros, and neither have the Nintendo
generation, so the Oric, Dragon, Memotech, SAM Coupe etc still do not
get covered. While the Apple Mac (several grand), Apple Lisa (over 9000
pounds when released, I will have a dozen of those then ;-), Apple II GS,
Atari 8 bits, C+4, C16 and game consoles that no one bought, get covered.
Who really plays (or even buys) Bible games outside of the Bible Belt.
The question is, are sales to the US (1%, 2% ???) worth changing the
magazine that the rest of the world reads, why would the Americans not
just read a US Retro Mag.
Experience in the music world shows that when UK companies just
concentrate on producing a good product it sells on both sides of pond,
but when they try to produce for the USA market, it fails. As we know
from this newsgroup other countries (including North America) have heard
of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum (or as Timex/Sinclair, TC etc), they wanted
the YS supplement. So while we are told to read about the Apple II GS and
learn, while interesting, Oric users get fobbed off.
I have held back writting this for several months,

I personally do not like the art work.

Tarquin Mills (Chairman)

ACCUS (Anglia Classic Computer Users Society)

Retro Gamer Issue 11 - USA bias

Post by stanle » Fri, 24 Dec 2004 05:41:34


You are right and not. I like obscure platforms and you are right it's
too much yankeeish now. Let's write about Oric and Dragon - I love
british computing. And open the door for X68000 - japanese Amiga like
machine. Apple IIgs sucked, sucks and will suck. But Atari 8bit caught
second life in Eastern Europe - why not write about dozens of polish
mega games from late era of 8bit XL/XEs.

Where the hell is Bible Belt?

Open RG for whole world - but don't americanize it!



Retro Gamer Issue 11 - USA bias

Post by davi » Sun, 26 Dec 2004 20:27:04

On Wed, 22 Dec 2004 15:54:46 GMT, Tarquin Mills < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

How boring.....

Well most people like Oli's artwork..... and it was one of the main
ways why in its better days - Crash was much better than Sinclair User
- and was as good as YS :)

(Although I'd be hard pushed deciding between YS & Crash - at their
best - so ended up getting both. SU went down hill very quickly from
the addition of the Teddybear - and only had their SAM section to make
it any good...)