PDA battery life... (was Tungsten T5 battery life)

PDA battery life... (was Tungsten T5 battery life)

Post by Aaron » Mon, 18 Jul 2005 02:11:12

I have my doubts on this claim. A real constantly running color screen?

Yup. If you can stand a mono screen. I still take my mono m125 camping and on
trips to avoid bringing the wall wart, but I hate the screen...

You can replace the battery when it wears out. It's not that hard. But by the
time that happens (my TE is 2 years old now and still gives 4 hours) the unit is
obsolete, and the new ones look so neat, that I *want* to buy a new one... ;)

Agree here. They had a good connection system for a short while (the Zires and
TE) with the standard USB port and the standard cell phone charger connection,
but have reverted to loose poor fitting connectors. Go look at the new TE2
charger connector... Sad.

I've not found that in mine but there seem to be a lot of T5 complaints here.

Obsolete technology. My laptops have been missing them for years. No loss.

Virtually all resets can be tied to 3rd party software. I never have to soft
reset any of mine now that I have all the software living together nicely.

Hopefully the new color screen technology I've been reading about will bring
this great feature back...

PDA battery life... (was Tungsten T5 battery life)

Post by guy » Mon, 18 Jul 2005 06:17:59

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Good for you! The Garmin is not typical. It's also bigger (2.4" x 6.1" x
1.3") and bulkier (7.5 oz) than most other PDAs.

We're talking color screens. Color/monochrome, apples/oranges.

BTW, we all want better battery life. The fact is, 6.4 hrs is pretty good
in the *current* market.