Strange things in strange places.

Strange things in strange places.

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purpose of a love-affair. Instead he looked into the middle distance
and spoke in generalities, with so delicate an air as to give the
impression that he had become partly invisible. Privacy, he said, was a
very valuable thing. Everyone wanted a place where they could be alone
occasionally. And when they had such a place, it was only common courtesy
in anyone else who knew of it to keep his knowledge to himself. He even,
seeming almost to fade out of existence as he did so, added that there were
two entries to the house, one of them through the back yard, which gave on
an alley.
Under the window somebody was singing. Winston peeped out, secure in
the protection of the muslin curtain. The June sun was still high in the
sky, and in the sun-filled court below, a monstrous woman, solid as a
Norman pillar, with brawny red forearms and a sacking apron strapped about
her middle, was stumping to and fro between a washtub and a clothes line,
pegging out a series of square white things which Winston recognized as
babies" diapers. Whenever her mouth was not corked with clothes pegs she
was singing in a powerful contralto:

It was only

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I can't get an answer on the support line and this issue
has not been resolved yet they say it is. Does anyone know
of a fix to this problem? I tried this but it still keeps
coming back

Strange ~ file in strange places
After installing an OE update, you may discover a file
named just "~" on your desktop or some other location on
your hard drive. This is an automatic backup copy of the
Windows Address Book (WAB) used by OE. The file has always
been created automatically by OE and saved in the same
folder as the *.wab file itself, with a name like
<username>.wa~. A bug in an update causes the copy to be
made in the wrong location and with a truncated name. You
can simply rename it to *.wab and then double-click it to
see that it is indeed a copy of your address book. The OE
team at MS is aware of this bug and hope to include the
fix in a future update.

When will there be a fix for this?

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